I’m Sarah and they call me a Good Witch. 

By night (and sometimes by day, if I’m properly caffeinated) I do tarot & astrology readings for amazing folks like yourself.

I’m the Headmistress of The Twelfth House, an online school for magic.

I also blog on here and host a pop culture astrology podcast called Yelling About The Stars 🌟

I’m wildly stoked about getting to do all of those things.

However you ended up in my corner of the internet, I’m so delighted you’re here. I hope you’re having a lovely day. You’re doing the best you can. You shine as bright as the stars and your smile makes others feel warm and joyful. You’re surrounded by love and your butt looks great today. You matter tremendously and are here for a reason 💕

The knowledge and the power – to heal what hurts, to change your life, to reach for your dreams – is within you, right now, just as you are. I hope you always know how truly, deeply, and amazingly powerful and magical you are.

I’m just here to help, however I can 🌟

Love, pizza, and cat memes,