About & Connect

Hey there friend, I’m Sarah

I’m a Washington-based tarot reader, astrology fanatic, cat lover, writer, and trivia nerd. I’ll be your Friendly Witch Next Door 🔮

I’m a Leo (warm, loving, dramatic) with a Virgo rising (sarcastic, organized, logical) and a Scorpio moon (emotional, intuitive, intense).

I listen to an obscene amount of 80’s power jams, laugh at full volume 1000% of the time, overuse emojis in everyday life, and will probably squeal no less than fourteen times if I do a live reading for you (just a heads up,  I’m excited about tarot and your future, what can I say?).

You can win me over with crystal shops that smell like incense, midnight movie releases, vine compilations, ancient bookstores with hidden alcoves, neon lights, and well-written erotica.

My favorite compliment I’ve ever been given is ‘you are such a bright light here,’ and I’d be elated to love up on you with all the magic I’ve got (plus a few memes, let’s be real) ✨

I have an Aquarius North Node in my 5th house so I basically have ‘passionate pursuit of new age knowledge to benefit the greater good’ as a life purpose… *stares into the camera like I’m on The Office*

My astrological chart ruler (Mercury – communication/teaching) lives in my 12th house (all sorts of woo-woo energy) so I’m convinced that my destiny is to build an online magical database and to spend my days slinging cards and interpreting the stars for everyone I meet.

Tarot, astrology, crystals, etc. have all helped me enormously in my life with everything from anxiety and grief to confidence and self love. I’m honored and grateful to be able to support/heal/encourage others in any way I can using my magic and divination skillz 💕

Hang Out With Me

Please come yell into the void of space with me about beautiful tarot decks, whatever the moon is currently doing, and/or Lord of The Rings fanfiction over on facebook or instagram.


The best way to get in touch with me is by email at hello @ sarahallison.love. I make every effort to respond within 48 hours <3

Sending you love, light, and a lifetime supply of pizza,

“I don’t want to pretend at magic any more. I want to be magic.” ✨ – Charles Lindt