Color Theory in Magic

Below is a brief introduction to the meanings of colors in tarot, astrology, and magic. Want to know more? I’ve got a huge blog post and video on this topic over in The Twelfth House.

Red – passion, sexuality, physical energy, courage, strength, action, intensity, and desire.

Orange – openness, connection, optimism, instinct, physical comfort, warmth, self-expression, creativity, celebration, and spontaneity.

Yellow – joy, happiness, curiosity, enthusiasm, quick thinking, cheerfulness, charm, success, butterflies in the stomach, and logic.

Green – healing, nature, fertility, growth, abundance, money, luck, envy, jealousy, freshness, balance, love, and nurturing.

Teal – communication, gentleness, harmony, emotional awareness, calms nerves, sensitivity, inner healing, meditation, and intuition.

Blue – emotions, peace, patience, trust, loyalty, forgiveness, cleansing, safety, depth, imagination, and calm.

Purple – spirituality, intuition, the third eye, meditation, introspection, creativity, royalty, mysticism, empathy, justice, and honor.

Pink – love, romance, emotional healing, gentleness, affection, hope, sensitivity, ‘rose colored glasses,’ childhood, femininity, and support.

White – healing, purification, enlightenment, freedom, cleanliness, peace, new beginnings, simplicity, and open-mindedness.

Black – power, protection, death, clarity, grounding, intensity, the unknown, strength, absorbing negativity, and control.

Brown – home, stability, concentration, animals, agriculture, nature, endurance, growth, fertility, nurturing, reliability, and harvest.

Gold – pride, ambition, abundance, masculinity, wealth, charisma, success, action, luxury, and positivity.

Silver – divination, intuition, psychic awareness, dreams, mirrors, reflections, mystery, sophistication, wisdom, and perception.

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