How to Find Your Astrological Dominants

I’ll be talking about dominant elements, dominant modes, as well as the energies of the signs and the planets in upcoming blog posts, but before we dive in I figured I’d better show you how to find those in your own chart, as they can be kind of tricky to track down!

First step: go to this website.

Hover over the “Free Horoscopes” tab and click on “Extended Chart Selection” on the bottom right side.

If you have a profile, log in. If you don’t want to make an account, you can get a chart as a guest user, just click on the link to go to the data entry page.

With either option, make sure you fill in all the necessary information. Click “continue.”

Click on the tab that says “Pullen/Astrolog,” the farthest right option under “Methods.”

From the drop down menu, select the last option: “Simple chart delineation by Walter Pullen.”

Click the blue button that says “click here to show the chart.”

This is what will appear first:

Scroll about two thirds of the way down the page until you see this chart:

The top chart tells your dominant planet(s) and they are ranked in the fourth column: “total rank.” So this Test profile has Jupiter as the most dominant planet (rank 1), followed by Mercury (rank 2), the Sun, and so on. The “percent” column will tell you how strong that influence is, and the higher the percentage, the stronger that planet’s energy will be in your chart.

The bottom left chart does the same for your dominant sign(s). So this Test profile is Sagittarius dominant (rank 1) followed by Virgo (rank 2), Aquarius, and so on.

*Note: while this Test profile has a corresponding dominant planet and dominant sign (as Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius), that is not always the case (I personally am a Capricorn dominant, but my dominant planet is Mercury).

The bottom right two charts show your dominant element(s) and dominant mode(s). These are shown by percentages instead of ranks. In this Test profile the person is fire dominant (30.7%), followed closely by earth (29.4%), with smaller percentages of water (20%) and air (19.8%). This profile is a mutable dominant (44.9%), followed by cardinal (30.7%) and fixed (24.4%).

In a profile that was perfectly balanced, you would have each element at 25% (as there are four elements) and each mode at 33.3% (as there are three modes). As with the signs and planets, the higher or lower the elements or modes are from their average, the stronger you would feel their presence or absence. When two percentages are close together, you can look at information for both, like in this Test profile the fire and earth percentages are close enough that this person might find it helpful to learn about both fire dominance and earth dominance.

For example, here’s my chart below. My modes are just about even, so I don’t feel particularly cardinal dominant, fixed dominant, or mutable dominant, but I have relatively high percentages of water and earth, so I always read about both the water dominant and earth dominant. And as my air and fire are relatively low, I’ve read up on how to “add” both air and fire to my life, something I’ll be talking about in my upcoming elements posts!

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