February Tarotscopes

Overall – The Sun

Ooooh what a lovely energy for the month of love! The Sun card represents warmth, optimism, joy, and connection. If it’s dark and gloomy where you are turn your thoughts to the coming Spring. New, fresh energy is on its way. In the meantime do things that make you feel bright, excited, and alive. Cultivate a sense of inner joy and fulfilment and if you’re holding on to any anger, resentment, sadness now is the time to bring it to light so it can be healed. A good, warm, happy month ahead friends!

Aries – Five of Wands Reversed

I know you love that exciting, competitive energy Aries, I know it makes you feel alive and wards off your fears of boredom and stagnancy. But this month dial down that drive to be so intense and competitive. The five of wands represents conflict and tension. Used well it can create new breakthroughs, finally resolve grudges, or simply infuse some fire and passion into your life. But here it’s reversed, so focus on working through your intense energy in other constructive ways this month – try a new high intensity work out, start work on a creative project that really lights you up – anything but creating unnecessary tension with other people in your life. Breathe, stay calm during conflict, and remind yourself that ease and calm is only boring if you let it be.

Taurus – Eight of Swords Reversed

Okay, so maybe January has felt 487 days long for you too? If you are feeling stuck, trapped, and like you’re just sitting in bad energy this month remember that you always have the ability to get yourself un-stuck. It’s like that saying ‘admitting there’s a problem is half of the battle.’ So whatever is causing you to feel blah and unhappy remember that you are the energy of determination, focus, and steady change. Rather than letting yourself feel stuck figure out what you’re craving, make a plan, and take small steps every day. And you’re the sign of physical comfort so have some tea, a nice meal, and treat yourself to a lovely night of self care while you’re at it, you’re always worth it <3

Gemini – Three of Pentacles Reversed

If this was upright I’d say ‘heck yes my friend, keep seeking support for what you’re working on!’ But much as you might want it to be, Gemini, it’s not upright. In it’s reversed position it’s a reminder that even though you might looooveeeee discussing ideas and collaborating and finding support, there are times when you need to work by yourself. It’s not that you can’t ask for help or validation, or share what you’re working on with the people in your life, but this card is a reminder that you can do things by yourself. Remember that you are strong and capable all by yourself, connection and support is just a bonus, not something you need to make big things happen.

Cancer – Eight of Cups

I know it feels like you have to take on the problems of everyone around you, Cancer. It comes from your intuitive and empathetic nature and also your role as one of the ‘leader’ signs, you seem to acquire other people’s problems like Beyonce acquires Grammys. But this month’s card is inviting you to lighten your load, emotionally speaking. You are allowed to put yourself first, you have to put your own oxygen mask on before you help others, remember? The world will not collapse because you trust other people to handle their own stuff, I promise. It’s time to exert your impressive emotional power to leave some situations that are sapping your own energy – gracefully, politiely, however you feel is best, but it’s time to firmly set those boundaries.

Leo – Seven of Swords Reversed

I laughed when I pulled this card because I’m also a Leo. Normally this is a man carrying an armful of swords he’s stealthed away from an enemy camp. It’s about cunning, getting away with things, taking what you want, and I was like umm, I’m not understanding Universe. But then I thought about how I’ve been feeling and it’s almost that sense of ‘things are too good to be true,’ and feeling like you somehow much be on borrowed time because how can everything be fine right now? Leo is no stranger to drama and wild change so when things are coasting along nice and steady it can almost make you want to look around because something must be going wrong or some huge change must be coming… right? So the reminder this month is simple – sometimes things are really just good and fine and easy. Savor it and let yourself relax because change will surely come again, but for now just enjoy the peace and steady flow of good things.

Virgo – The World

Ooooh what a fantastic month for you! The World is the last of the major arcana cards and it represents wholeness, competion, and fulfillment. Enjoy the heck out of this month because inevitably the cycle will start again, change and growth are the way of life, but for this month let yourself savor the feeling of rest and pause. Be incredibly proud of all you’ve accomplished and built, whether in your relationships, your habits, or your work, you’ve been doing a lot of growth. I know it’s your nature to want things to be perfect, to always look for the next project or task or thing you can improve, but just for this month I want you to fight that instinct my friend. You deserve a break from your mental processing, I believe you can do it. So if you find yourself wanting to try some new diet or you start organizing your junk drawer at 3 am tell yourself to just freaking relax for a few minutes!

Libra – The Chariot Reversed

It’s been a wildly busy month for you, hasn’t it friend? The Chariot is all about drive and action and forward movement – literally like one of those ancient Roman Chariots being pulled by runaway horses. The past month has felt like you’re holding onto those reins so hard your hands have gone numb, so this month the energy is reversed aka let it go. If you’re go go go 24/7 you’re going to crash and burn in no time. Balance periods of drive and intensity with relaxation and community. Libra lives for beauty and pleasure in all forms – good food, music, celebration. This month focus on what brings you joy and makes you feel connected to yourself and others. The to do list can wait and you can handle taking a step back to rest. It’s like building a wall, if you put the next brick on top before the concrete has settled on the first layer the whole damn thing is going to collapse. This is a month to slow it down and take a productive pause.

Scorpio – Two of Wands

If January was the spark of something new for you – a new creative idea, a new relationship, a new hobby – and let’s be real, you life for the spark, this is the month to plan for the long term. After riding the high of newness and excitement things inevitably return to reality. I know you crave that intensity and enormous feeling of change and rebirth (I have a Scorpio moon, so I really feel you there), but don’t look at planning and the practical aspects of following through on something new bum you out. Try your best to look at it as sustained fire, a perpetually burning excitement within you, rather than a raging bonfire. If you’ve found yourself in rapid cycles of excitement -> short lived satisfaction -> burnout/destruction this is an excellent month to practice patience, balance, and building things slowly. I know you hate it, you live for the feeling of immediacy and when things seem to be life or death, so in between making to do lists, waiting for that new lover to call, quietly saving away for a big goal, allow yourself to get hyped about what you’re working on as well as the big, shiny, ecstatic end goal. You’re also a fixed sign, capable of staying the course and rangling your big, passionate energy into a perpetual slow burn. Let that fire out when you need, but if you spend it all at once you’re going to leave yourself in the cold and dark, and you deserve more than that.

Sagittarius – Ace of Swords

You’ve been stuck in an unhelpful mindset for all of January my friend. Maybe it’s self-destructive thoughts, maybe it’s that a project is taking slower to come together than you planned, or maybe you’re just feeling doom and gloom with all the snowpocalypse weather. Regardless of what’s causing it this card is an invitation to shake things up. You’re good at new things, but your fire energy is more suited to new passion projects, new love connections, and celebration. This month focus less on how you’re feeling about things and focus on getting your mind in order. When your thoughts spiral use logic like a sword to check yourself. If you’re feeling low because things are taking a while remind yourself that you are in the process of building and creating. You tend to feel like everything is horribly wrong if you aren’t turned on and 11/10 excited about things all the time. But every expansion is followed by contraction, every burst of excitement is naturally followed by a period of rest. So listen to what your mind and body are telling you and up your mental game, it will pay off by making you feel better in no time.

Capricorn – Page of Cups

I know you’re going to hate to hear this, I can feel the collective Capricorn energy groaning from here, but this month is all about your emotions and feelings. I know you’re excited about your goals for the year, about all the wonderful things you’re building and creating in the world Capricorn. I would never tell you to stop doing all the things you love, but this card is inviting you to be a bit more emotionally forthcoming this month. It’s perfect because you have an official excuse to tell people how you feel because it’s Valentine’s Day, am I right? You can start small, maybe write some nice cards to your friends and loved ones saying what you’re grateful for about your relationship or saying some things you love and appreciate about them. Maybe go to lunch with a friend and be honest about how you’re feeling, rather than always feeling like you have to be the ‘strong and together’ one of the group. If you’re going to take over the world my friend, you have to pair it with self care, emotional openness, and connections or you’re going to burn yourself out mighty fast.

Aquarius – Four of Pentacles

I like to call this the Ebenezer Scrooge card because it perfectly sums up the energy of this card. Are you like Scrooge at the beginning of the film right now? Someone stingy and withholding and maybe a bit… selfish with their energy? It’s totally understandable, Aquarians want to help and save other people so much that sometimes they end up over-giving which pushes them to want to cling tight to their time, money, and energy. This card is a check in for you this month – is it time to maybe release your death-grip a bit? Look at Scrooge at the end of the film. Giving and sharing from a place of love and compassion can make you so much happier and 9 times out of 10 will lead to a big influx of love and energy back to you (which I know you’ve been craving). Trust that whatever you share with others from a place of love and security will never deplete your reserves if you’re going about it in the right way.

Pisces – Queen of Cups
Oooh this is really ‘home field’ energy for you Pisces, the queen of cups is a grounded, empathetic, emotionally-centered, powerful feminine energy. If you’ve been drowning in your emotions and feeling a bit restless and lost remember that you can harness your emotional power to move yourself forward. Feelings are wonderful! I am quite ‘in my feels’ myself, so I get you Pisces. But also remember to use them constructively, rather than just sit in them. Plan a lunch with a friend and have a good, deep conversation. Write thoughtful love notes to the people in your life that you love. Create some art from all those emotions within you. Don’t forget that your superpower isn’t just feeling but it’s using those feelings for good.

I hope you have a wonderful month!

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