Seven Deadly Sins Remix – Gluttony

This post is the third in a series on using the Seven Deadly Sins for inspiration to spice up your life. The first two posts were on envy and wrath. Enjoy!


Gluttony: a limitless appetite for food and drink. Overindulgence to the point where one is no longer eating just to live, but rather living to eat.

I don’t know about you, but I have the problem of low resistance to delicious food combined with a tendency to pack my life so full that I become stressed very quickly. Therefore, I eat cheap, easy, comfort food and sugary, caffeinated drinks and usually feel like crap afterwards.

Food and eating are challenging topics, because of the sheer amount of energy and conversation and shame in the world about them. I am in no way saying I have all the answers, but wanted to share how I’m trying to approach this area of my life. As always, take what is useful for you and leave the rest 💕


I’m working on embracing positive side of gluttony: the desire to indulge in food and drink. Not in a crazy, all-you-can-eat, stuffed to the point of feeling sick way. But in a mindful, pleasurable kind of way.

Whenever I think of passionate, joyful eating I think back to dining with Kitty Cavalier in Mexico (she was a guest teacher on a retreat I went to hosted by the Astrotwins). She savors every bite like it’s the best thing she’s ever tasted, it’s amazing to witness.

So, I’m trying to bring more attention to what I’m are putting in my body.

Appreciating the effort of making a home-cooked meal from start to finish. Seeking out new foods and enjoy a mouth-splosion of new flavors. Finding my favorite treats and snacks and consuming them in moderation, rather than wandering through the grocery store or pawing through your cabinets like a hangry velociraptor.

Some ideas to try if you’d like to join me:

Try out a new home-cooked meal. Check out The Food Network or for recipes and ideas. I love their slogan: “Celebrate the food you make.” Put on some good tunes and channel your inner Julia Child and have FUN with it. Take pictures, be proud. Don’t turn on the TV or pull out your phone, just sit down and enjoy every single bite.

Go to the grocery store and go on a hunt for foods you have never tried before and have a tasting party. (Seriously, HOW had I never tried dried mangoes before? I’m ob-sessed) If you are a pretty adventurous eater already, try checking out a specialty shop. My city has an Asian market, Indian grocery, and even a British pantry.

Hit up the candy aisle, or the chip aisle, or the soda aisle, wherever your favorite dangerous foods live. Really spend a few minutes checking out all of the options and pick one or two that are your down-and-out, desert-island faves and buy a small supply. The next time you are hit with a powerful craving you’ll have exactly what you want on hand and you can eat a reasonable amount (instead of eating literally everything you own trying to hit that spot – story of my life).


I’m not a pro in this area by a long shot (and I know this issue is deep and complex), but I wanted to share what I’m trying myself. I’m currently focusing on feeling nourished and satisfied in my eating rather than desperate and bingeing or dieting and starving.

Being more conscious of my eating habits and taking more pleasure in food is hopefully the beginning of a lifelong love affair with it, and I wish the same for you.

The next sin up is Sloth!


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