Introduction to Astrology Charts

Welcome to running astrology charts!

This first video will show you the nuts and bolts of how to run several kinds of charts and walks you through what you’re seeing. In upcoming videos I’ll be showing you how to interpret what you’re looking at and what it means for your life!

Note: I said clockwise but the signs and the houses both are read counter clockwise, sorry about that! You’ll see the houses start at 1 and proceed counter-clockwise around the circle to 12. Also, Ascendant (sign on the beginning of the first house) and ‘rising sign’ are interchangeable so I use them both in the video.

Time Stamps:

  • Natal Chart – 0:21
  • Other Charts – 9:55
  • Transit Chart showing the current planets – 11:09
  • Information about options like angles, asteroids, fixed stars – 12:30 (When you start looking at angles I’d recommend clicking ‘only major angles’ and typing ’25’ in ‘reduce orbs’ because it will only show you the ones that really are going to show up in your life.)
  • Dominant element/mode/planet/sign chart aka ‘Pullen Chart’ – 17:53
  • Partner charts – Synastry (how you and your partner interact) and Composite (how you and your partner are together) – 21:14

Symbols, for reference:

Asteroids for the arts

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