Introduction to the Elements

“Elements are indeed the very foundation of the Zodiac, and therefore all of Astrology.” – Stephen Arroyo

Once you understand the four elements you’ll have a huge leg up in understanding the Zodiac signs, the suits in a Tarot deck, and the four primary ways of cleansing and releasing in spells.

I follow the Astrological order of the signs (fire, earth, air, water) when teaching but they are of course each valuable on their own as well!

🔥  Fire

Keywords: destruction, new beginnings, untamed, wild, spontaneous, impulsive, soul, passion, life force, sexual energy, creativity, anger, drive, vitality, survival, ego, sense of self, bright, warm, honest

  • Fire signs in Astrology: Aries (cardinal fire), Leo (fixed fire), Sagittarius (mutable fire)
  • Tarot suit associated with fire: Wands – the journey of the wands is all about determination, strength, intuition, creativity, and spirituality
  • Energy: yang/masculine – active, externally focused
  • Season: Summer (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Time of day: Midday when the sun is highest
  • Direction: South (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Relates to our soul, energy, passions, creativity

🌿  Earth

Keywords: nature, growth, fertility, health, abundance, money, work, physical property, sturdy, stable, responsible, deliberate, comfort, patience, hard work, tangible

  • Earth signs in Astrology: Capricorn (cardinal earth), Taurus (fixed earth), Virgo (mutable earth)
  • Tarot suit associated with fire: Pentacles – the journey of the pentacles is all about work, property, money, manifestation, abundance, and health
  • Energy: yin/feminine – receptive, internally focused
  • Season: Autumn (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Time of day: Night
  • Direction: North (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Relates to our tangible world – our bodies, home, money, career

☁️  Air

Keywords: intellect, mind, thoughts, ideas, focus, perception, truth, logic, learning, social connections, light, curious, sense of humor, teaching, writing

  • Air signs in Astrology: Libra (cardinal air), Aquarius (fixed air), Gemini (mutable air)
  • Tarot suit associated with fire: Swords – the journey of the swords is all about our thoughts, fears, and the way we perceive the world
  • Energy: yang/masculine – active, externally focused
  • Season: Spring (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Time of day: Morning
  • Direction: East
  • Relates to our mind, thoughts, and ideas

🌊  Water

Keywords: peace, depth, emotions, feelings, love, relationships, cycles, the moon, sensitivity, cleansing, healing, fluid, adaptable, intuitive, compassion, empathy

  • Water signs in Astrology: Cancer (cardinal water), Scorpio (fixed water), Pisces (mutable water)
  • Tarot suit associated with fire: Cups – the journey of the cups is all about relationships, emotions, intuition, healing, and finding balance
  • Energy: yin/feminine – receptive, internally focused
  • Season: Winter (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Time of day: Evening
  • Direction: West
  • Relates to our feelings, emotions, and relationships


  • Go through each of the elements and write your associations and what emotions come up for you when you consider each one
  • Write which one you’re most drawn to and think about what it says about your personality and preferences

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