My Approach to Tarot

‘Tarot’ itself refers to a system of 78 cards divided into the Major Arcana (Major secrets of the Universe) and Minor Arcana. There are thousands of amazing tarot card decks out there, but the real magic and power comes from how you use these gorgeous cards.

I’ve had all sorts of experiences myself during tarot readings; blushing from head to toe, laughing my ass off at how the cards called me out, literally saying ‘oh my god’ out loud at how raw and exposed I felt, and sobbing in relief because the reader touched on something deep within me that I didn’t know needed to be acknowledged.

Long story short – tarot readings have changed my life.

It doesn’t matter if the reading was soul searching or playful, if it was looking into the past, the present, or the future, or if it was one card or twenty; I always come away feeling like Harry Potter walking into a wizard tent and looking around in awe, saying ‘I love magic.’

So, why on earth is the tarot so *vague hand gesture conveying mysticism and wonder*?

I think it’s the combination of the beautiful artwork, the psychological and emotional exploration, the universal archetypes explored in the cards, the connection of reader and the person getting the reading, and the fun, magical aura around the tarot that gives tarot the ability to make an impact on your life.

How I Read The Tarot

My style is always positive, supportive, empathetic, action-oriented, uplifting and 100% bullshit-free. I love hearing your story and your dreams and desires so that we can work together to come up with a reading that will get to the heart of the matter and give you tangible steps and advice to heal, to find what you’re seeking, or to just learn more about yourself!

I’m never going to emerge from a dark corner of the room with a flashlight under my chin, dramatically telling you about the gloom and doom about to befall you and how things are hopeless. But I’m also not going to sugar coat the hard stuff and tell you that a great love, a million dollars, and everything you’ve ever wanted in life will just randomly fall into your lap next week with no effort on your part.

Tarot is an incredibly powerful tool for self-exploration, a way to see what is most likely coming for you in the future, and a system that taps into hidden truths, abilities, dreams, and fears you had no idea were bouncing around inside of you.

So while I absolutely love and believe in the idea that there is some undercurrent of magic and destiny in our lives and that a higher power desperately believes in us and wants good things to happen, the cards themselves can’t change your life for you, even if they are really freaking cool.

My favorite part of the tarot is that it reminds you that you have magic. You have free will, self-awareness, and the ability to grab the Wheel of Fortune and spin it yourself. Life doesn’t just happen to you, it also happens because of you.

At the end of the day, I think it all comes down to action and intention. I might be the one slinging the cards, but you’re the one who reached out, and it takes some guts to put your hopes and dreams out into the world.

I truly believe that the Universe sees you when you raise your hand and say ‘I’m ready to change. I’m ready to make things happen,’ and I’d be over the moon to play a part in your quest for a deeper, truer, happier, more magical life, my friend. Whether we work together or not, I wish you nothing but the best, from the bottom of my heart 💜

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