Work With Me


“Whaaaaaaat? Girl, this is all insanely accurate!” – A.W.

“When she pulls cards for you, your jaw will drop, you may laugh, or you may cry. But the best part is, she’ll do all those things along with you.” – K.N.

“Damn, girl. You are a magical witch from afar… This is powerful.” – D.B.

“THIS IS INCREDIBLY AND AMAZINGLY SPOT ON — and the timing is oh so very much exactly what I needed.” – A.P.

“Sarah doesn’t do a reading for you. She does a reading WITH you. She experiences every card and then shares that experience – it helped me understand what I needed to get from the reading instead of feeling like a silly newbie. Her excitement and connection to the work is contagious.” – N.C.

“This is a very on point and beautiful reading – thank you dearly. I love the ways you offered to work with the energies too.” – A.J.

“Sarah read my soul like she’s the one who wrote the book. I feel like I’ve known you for 100 years, thanks for serving up some REALness and some much needed clarity.” – J.R.

“A truly magical reading!! ” – A.Z.

“Sarah was quick and thorough and provided me with a great reading that was spot on!” – K.A.

“This is so amazing and perfectly timed. It lines up with things I’ve been feeling intuitively, but didn’t have words for.” – E.R.

“Sarah makes the emotional process of untangling your insecurities a comforting experience, one that makes you feel safe, nurtured, and understood. Her readings expose your worries in a way that brings a positive light to the darkness by focusing, not on what is broken or flawed but, on the positive foundations that rest within each card. Every moment of hurt brings about a time of healing, and this is what she brings to her readings: hope and healing. You will walk away feeling, if not a sense of closure, a sense of understanding and optimism.” – K.N.