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For the Tarot only version of this reading, click here. For the Astrology only version, click here.

What is your ‘shadow side’? It’s the parts of your personality you look at and say ‘hmm, yeah I’m not dealing with that,’ your needs and wants, anything in your past that you need to address and heal to move forward, etc. It’s the tough stuff that you need to come to terms with to be a whole and aligned person, and boy howdy can it be hard and intimidating. Don’t worry, I’ll be here to lend positivity and encouragement and tangible action steps and explanations to help you on your journey <3

For astrology we’ll be looking at your South Node (the karma you have from past lives), your Chiron (an asteroid that shows your core emotional wound), Saturn (which represents lessons you need to learn in this lifetime), your moon (your emotional needs), and your Mars (how you deal with anger/aggression/sexuality/etc).

For tarot I’ll be pulling 12-15 cards to see what energies you need to work on getting more comfortable with, what’s coming up for you to be healed/addressed like right now, and some advice for how you can go about this healing journey.

**For all astrology readings please enter your date, time, and place of birth in the ‘Additional Information’ box on the Checkout page! If you forget, don’t worry, I’ll just be sending you an email to grab it! Also enter as much or as little information about you and your situation in this box as you feel comfortable sharing with me.

My turnaround time for readings is seven days. Most of the time it will be slightly faster than that, but it can take up to a week. Need an answer to your burning questions like, yesterday? Just add this rush fee to your order and you’ll have your reading in 24 hours flat from the time of purchase.

You have the option of a written reading (will show up as a typed-out reading in your email), an audio reading (will show up as a link to a private Soundcloud file that you can listen to online or download), or a video reading (will show up as a link to a private Youtube video for you to watch).

Want to work on this topic with me directly, in real time? Consider a live 1-1 reading!

Click here to read about my approach to reading tarot, if you’re curious or new to my work 🌟

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