Seven Deadly Sins Remix – Sloth

This post is number four in a series on flipping these negative traits around and using them to make some small but powerful changes in your life. To see the other posts, click here: envy, wrath, gluttony.



We’re not talking about adorable, slow motion animals here, we’re talking the biblical sense.

In Christian morality sloth is all about laziness, apathy, and a wasting away due to lack of use. Today we are pulling a 180 and embracing sloth to deeply invest in our own self care.

Do you ever look at cats and go, “that’s the life”?

Sleeping all day, only having to worry about eating and bathing. Sounds pretty sweet right? It is widely known that people today are so stressed out that the only things we can usually be bothered to do on the weekends are marathon shows on Netflix in our PJs and order delivery pizza (guilty as charged).

I’ve found that this happens to me most when I focus on my to do list rather than my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Ever wonder why you feel so amazing and refreshed after a vacation? It’s most likely because you finally got some good sleep, ate some great food, had some FUN, and put down the mile-long to do list you carry with you everyday. Let’s get some more of that action in our everyday lives.

Indulge in self care

Physical: Get some sleep! I never realize how badly I’m sleeping until I get a really satisfying night’s sleep and notice the difference. It makes SUCH a huge impact on our behavior and attitude. So take a well-deserved post-work nap, clear your schedule one morning and really hit the sheets, or finally use some of your vacation days to plan a staycation.

Mental: Get out a notebook/piece of paper. Brain dump. Everything you need to do this week and all of the big events/responsibilities coming up in the next month. Nothing stresses me out more than not having a plan, which leads to running late for work, realizing I forgot to fill up the gas tank, leaving my lunch at home, and so on into a spiral of chaos. Invest in a simple paper or digital calendar and get that isht sorted out, your brain will love you if you go easy on it.

Emotional: How long has it been since you were excited about something? Since you had fun? I’m not talking about the Netflix/pizza/PJs routine here, but actual FUN. Going to see a concert and grabbing dinner and drinks with your girlfriends. Going to the local bookstore and then spending an afternoon with a picnic lunch and a new book in the park. Painting your face with crazy colors at a street fair and browsing for the best looking elephant ears. Doesn’t have to be big, doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to put an enormous grin on your face.


Cheers to being well rested, having a clear and calm mind, and having some fun this week!

Next up is Lust!


PS: Anyone else remember the America’s Next Top Model episode where they did the Seven Deadly Sins? Not gonna lie, I would totally rock that Sloth ensemble.


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