The Transiting Moon

In this video we’ll be talking about the best things to focus on when the moon transits through each of the 12 signs and each of your 12 houses. It makes a full revolution every 29.5 days so it will spend about 2-2.5 days in each sign and the same amount in each of your houses.

The sign is the general emotional weather climate for everyone and the house the moon falls in specifically for you will be what area of life most impacted and what you’ll be thinking about.

Transiting Moon through the signs

To track the moon through the signs I recommend the app iLuna (a one time fee of $2.99)! Remember to try to keep a journal of how each of these signs feels for you, it’s a great way to begin to predict how you’ll feel emotionally and energetically!

Aries – Good for anything that focuses on physical power/sensation such as sex, exercise, or a new sport. New beginnings! Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac so it’s perfect for a fresh start or a change, especially with it’s boost of fire and boldness. Good for things that require strength, courage, taking charge, or bravery. Aries rule the 1st house of the self, so anything focused on independence, identity, or self-discovery is also perfect! General emotional mood will be impulsive, higher energy, and more combative/flirtatious.

Taurus – Good for anything to do with money/home/personal possessions. A grounded and practical earth energy it’s a great moon to plan for the future, to do things that require patience and perseverance. One of the two signs ruled by Venus, so it’s a time of sensuality and pleasure – savoring good food, good music, dance, yoga, etc. anything that gets you grounded and present in your body. General emotional mood will tend towards being a homebody, a bit more introverted, practical, and stubborn.

Gemini – Good for anything to do with ideas, writing, learning, socializing, speaking, and communication. A great day to get a start on writing a novel, to do anything that requires performing or public speaking, to work out a communication issue with someone, or to share ideas or to brainstorm. Gemini also rules siblings and local travel, so if you need to mend things with a family member or plan a day trip this is a great moon to do it in! General emotional mood will be social, curious, inspired, and a bit unpredictable/all over the place as Gemini is associated with anxiety/mental stress on the negative aspect.

Cancer – Good for anything to do with home, family, fertility, nurturing, or healing. Cancer values intimacy and closeness and as its ruled by the moon it tends to be a bit more emotional and protective than many other signs. A great day to love up on your loved ones and yourself. General emotional mood will be a bit sensitive (as Cancer is the sign of the crab), home-focused, caring, and many people will be prioritizing safety and taking care of their partner/kids as Cancer is all about the family.

Leo – Good for anything to do with fame/being in the spotlight, creativity, youthfulness, play, and generosity. Leo is a very dramatic and romantic sign, so if you need to make any grand gestures, this is a good sign to do it in. Leo is flirtatious and wants to have fun so it’s not the best moon to start a new healthy habit during 😂If you need to stand out, speak up, or share a big creative project with the world Leo is a wonderful sign for it. The general emotional mood will be a bit needy for attention, over the top, playful, and vivacious – it’s a fun, energetic moon so have fun!

Virgo – Good for anything that involves cleaning, organizing, logical thinking/details, and focusing with a capital F. Virgo loves clean spaces and seeks out order and perfection. This is a great moon to clean your apartment, sort out your budget, finish up anything that requires you to really dig deep and pay attention to the nitty gritty details. Virgo also rules health and daily habits so if you need to make any changes, now is a great time to do so. General emotional mood might be a bit critical – of self and others – as Virgo is a perfectionist, but is also a time when everyone is good at paying attention if you have any big meetings or projects to work on.

Libra – Good for relationships, date nights, resolving arguments, and love. Libra is the sign of harmony and balance, so it’s diplomatic air sign nature is the perfect moon sign to calmly and rationally discuss issues, propose changes, or work on mending relationships. This is a great moon to savor your current relationship or to look for one as it’s ruled by Venus. General emotional mood is calm, sensual, peaceful, and a pretty good one all around in my experience.

Scorpio – Good for making large changes, exploring power dynamics, intuition, seeing the truth, and doing deep healing. Scorpio is an intense moon, no doubt about it, and things can feel a bit challenging as it brings up old wounds/issues to be healed. But like the phoenix rising from the ashes Scorpio moons are powerful times to let go of old identities, release attachments, and claim your power. It’s also a time when we’ll be able to see others’ motives crystal clear, so it’s a great time to trust your gut. General emotional mood can be a bit intense/paranoid/jealous and ‘dark night of the soul’-y but it’s also a time when people are seeking true, deep connection with others they can trust.

Sagittarius – Great for travel, philosophical discussions, being blunt, comedy, and living large. Sag is ruled by Jupiter which makes everything it touches expand, so plan during Sag moons to want to enjoy the finer things in life, to laugh louder, and to seek out good conversation and adventure. Planning a big trip? Been wanting to find something new to study? Need a big fiery, expansive, un-self-conscious boost of energy? Sag moon’s got your back. General emotional mood is brutally honest, downright hilarious, and craving exploration – both of the mind and of the world.

Capricorn – Great for anything to do with leadership, responsibility, success, finances, and planning for the future. Capricorn is grounded, earthy, in control, and wants to build – tables, companies, plans – anything. It’s a great sign to do ‘adulting’ under – to take care of bills or legal issues or asking for a raise/promotion – anything that feels mature and responsible and the right thing to do Capricorn loves. General emotional mood is focused, serious, hard working, practical, and growth-oriented.

Aquarius – Great for seeing ‘the forest’ rather than the ‘trees,’ being socially conscious and helping others, spending time with friends and larger communities, and approaching situations with healthy detachment. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the only planet to spin on its side, and is all about change, innovation, and rebellion. Need to shake things up? This is a great moon for it. Aquarius is also a humanitarian and dreams of ways to change things for the better, so the general mood will be one of collaboration, invention, and larger social connections.

Pisces – Great for dreams, intuition, releasing, healing, forgiveness, and imagination. Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac and rules over endings, universal/divine connection, addictions/mental health, and our un- and sub-consciousness. It’s a peaceful and emotional moon that is the perfect time to speak to a therapist, journal, talk with friends about issues you’re trying to work on, and anything else that helps you release attachments and heal. General emotional mood is a bit dreamy and ‘out there,’ and don’t be surprised if people are in the mood to have discussions about the afterlife and ‘why we’re here,’ or to indulge in alcohol or drugs as a way to relax or ‘connect to the universe.’

Transiting Moon through the houses

To figure out which house the moon is moving through for you personally check out the video on running charts (transits at 11:09). The green symbols are the transiting planets (see below – in this picture the moon is in this person’s third house).

The houses the moon moves through will show you what area of your life you’re most emotionally focusing on right now, and where the energy of the moon’s sign will most affect you.

First house – House of self. You’ll be focused on who you are, how you’re presenting yourself (with your words, interests, appearance, etc.), what new things you want to try or change, and just generally a bit more self focused – in a positive way.

Second house – House of possessions, money, and values. You’ll be focused on where you’re living, what you own, your finances – anything tangible and practical that you can control. You’ll be compelled to ‘tidy up’ these areas of your life.

Third house – House of communication, ideas, and siblings. You’ll be focused on how you’re speaking, whether or not you’re successfully getting your thoughts across to others, and you’ll probably be experiencing a big rush of new ideas of things to create!

Fourth house – House of home and family. You’ll be focused on nurturing and caring for the people in your life you’re closest to and how they are nurturing and caring for you in return. It’s a house where you’ll want to keep everything close and safe and protected.

Fifth house – House of children, creativity, and passion. You’ll be focused on enjoying life, spending time with loved ones, being a bit more bold and joyous, making things that you love and are excited about, and generally considering whether or not what you’re doing with your life (in all aspects) is bringing you joy.

Sixth house – House of health, service, and daily habits. You’ll be focused on the details of your life – cleaning and organizing the spaces you inhabit, getting plans in place, examining your health, eating, and exercise, and also what you are doing to give back to others – as Virgo rules service and giving.

Seventh house – House of marriage and relationships. You’ll be focused on your romantic partnerships, either one you have or one you’re seeking. This house is also about what aspects of ourselves we don’t own and therefore look to be filled by others, so it’s a time when you can work on co-dependence, self-love, and making sure you are filling your own cup before you look to others.

Eighth house – House of transformation, death, sex, and joint property. You’ll be focused on depth, truth, intuition, and the ways in which you are changing yourself for the better. This house asks us how we are coming to terms with our own mortality, what we owe to society and what it owes us, and how we find true, deep, honest connection.

Ninth house – House of philosophy, beliefs, and travel. You’ll be focused on expansion, growth, curiosity, and exploration. What are you studying, what new things are you learning? How are you sharing your beliefs with the world? What new places are you planning on traveling to? And other such questions about the ways in which you are learning and growing in the world.

Tenth house – House of career and public image. You’ll be focused on what you do for work, your position within your job/industry, how you’re appearing to others – either in real life or on social media/reputation, and on how you’re currently handling your Responsibilities with a capital R.

Eleventh house – House of friendships and connection to society. You’ll be focused on how you’re impacting and changing the world for the better, and how you fit into larger social groups. This house is the house of our non-romantic and non-familial relationships – friends, acquaintances, groups, clubs, etc.

Twelfth house – House of dreams, self-undoing, and transcendence. You’ll be focused on your own healing, spirituality, forgiveness, and closure. Also on the ways in which you escape, hide, or separate yourself from society, both healthy (meditating, dreaming, spiritual work) and unhealthy (addictions and mental health troubles).

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