YATS – Episode 3

Hello & Welcome back!

This episode I’m talking synastry (couples) charts and an introduction to love astrology! Which houses and planets should you be looking at? What aspects indicate an easy relationship and which indicate a hard one? You’ll find all the answers in this episode, featuring six examples from real life, long lasting celebrity couples <3

New to running charts? I’m putting an introduction to allll sorts of charts in The Twelfth House very soon! Want me to read you and your partner’s synastry chart? Check out how to get one here!

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Couples Charts!

Will Smith’s birth time was online but I guessed Scorpio rising for Jada so her’s might be slightly different.

Neither of their birth times were online so these are guesses but I see Neil as a Leo rising and David as a Cancer rising!

Both Nicole and Keith’s birth times were online!

Neither of their birth times were online so these are guesses, I thought Kristen seemed like a Leo rising and Dax seems like a Sag rising!

Tom’s time was online but Rita’s wasn’t. I feel like she’s a Sag rising!

Both Kurt and Goldie’s birth times were online!

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